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Trasa Paríž - Levoča (PETER ŽUPNÍK)

  • Transmission format Full HD
  • Language Slovak
  • Subtitles English
  • Color Color
  • Country of origin Slovakia
  • Country of shooting Slovakia
  • world sales sentimentalfilm s.r.o.
  • distribution sentimentalfilm s.r.o.


Peter Župník is an extremely interesting artistic photographer, who describes himself as a househusband. He lives in Paris, but he is still not completely aligned with this environment, nor with the French. Given his place of birth and the environment in which he grew up, he is deemed to be a Slovak, however, his father is Ukrainian and his mother, Czech. He graduated from the FAMU in Prague and, with a number of his classmates, he formed the well-known Slovak new wave, or Generation 60, but unlike them he has not remained in Prague. And moreover, neither does his work fit into this pigeonhole. In general, pigeonholing does not suit him. Peter Župník is a photographer, who took professionalism, honesty and perseverance for his work from the world of adults, and from the world of children, playfulness and the ability to look at ordinary things, as if he saw them for the first time in his life.

  • Story Ivan Ostrochovský, Marek Urban
  • Screenplay Marek Šulík
  • Director Marek Šulík
  • Cinematographer Marek Šulík
  • Dramaturgy (RTVS) Alexandra Ševčíková
  • Dramaturgy (sentimentalfilm) Marek Leščák
  • Editor Marek Šulík
  • Production sound Martin Tokár
  • Sound mix Tobiáš Potočný
  • Graphic design Iveta Grófová
  • Professional collaboration Václav Macek, Aurel Hrabušický
  • Production line manager (RTVS) Ivana Zlatňanská
  • Production line manager (sentimentalfilm) Albert Malinovský
  • Production manager Soňa Komová
  • Producer Marek Urban, Ivan Ostrochovský
  • Co-producer RTVS