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Šymon Kliman

  • Transmission format Full HD
  • Language Slovak
  • Subtitles English
  • Color Color
  • Country of origin Slovakia
  • World sales sentimentalfilm s.r.o.
  • Distribution sentimentalfilm s.r.o.


A retrospective of the work of a young photographer, Šymon Kliman, who places the individual at the centre of his interests. His view, at the same time touching and probing, gives his photographs an expression of multi-dimensionality, which makes them so original. Partisans is the latest creation of the author. By combining a photographic medium with the statements of the partisans, in the form of sound recordings and texts, the author adds to the work of the artist also a historical dimension, a dimension welcomed in the case of these exceptional people. What factors lead an individual to join the resistance, to transform himself from an ordinary person into a hero? Maybe these portraits will give us the answer.

  • Story Ivan Ostrochovský, Marek Urban
  • Screenplay Martina Slováková
  • Directed by Martina Slováková
  • Cinematographer Martina Slováková, Denisa Buranová
  • Dramaturgy (RTVS) Alexandra Ševčíková
  • Dramaturgy (sentimentalfilm) Marek Leščák
  • Film editor Martina Slováková
  • Sound Martin Králik
  • Production sound mixer Dušan Vančo
  • Graphic artist Iveta Grófová
  • Collaboration Václav Macek, Aurel Hrabušický
  • Production manager (RTVS) Ivana Zlatňanská
  • Production manager (sentimentalfilm) Albert Malinovský
  • Assistant Production Manager Soňa Komová
  • Producer Marek Urban, Ivan Ostrochovský
  • Co-producer RTVS