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Hudba dneška

  • Transmission format Full HD
  • Language Slovak
  • Running time 52 min.
  • Color Color
  • Country of origin Slovakia
  • Country of shooting Slovakia, Sweden, Austria, Germany
  • world sales sentimentalfilm s.r.o.
  • distribution sentimentalfilm s.r.o.

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  • The development of this film has been financially supported by:


There are very few documentaries on contemporary music in Slovakia. Our goal is to create a comprehensive statement of one generation of musicians, which will also function as a pilot to a set of twelve portraits mapping present image of four generations of still active Slovak composers. Beside creating a standalone audiovisual piece, we also see the value in capturing testimonies from cultural and social life of persons of interest overlooked by present time period.

  • producer Marek Urban
  • story Marek Urban, Ivan Ostrochovský
  • screenplay Ivan Ostrochovský
  • director Ivan Ostrochovský
  • dramaturgy Marek Leščák